China Gateway


The China Gateway provides a wide variety of services for faculty to aid establishing research collaborations, teaching pedagogy and to make traveling to China easier and more efficient. All staff members are bilingual and have lived and studied in both China and the United States. The China Gateway office is located in the central business district of Shanghai and is well connected with the Ohio State alumni network, universities and corporate partners. Faculty are encouraged to contact the office in advance to make their travel arrangements to China.

The China Gateway also is involved with funding and administering grant opportunities, helping to facilitate international agreement and assisting education abroad programs in-country.  

China Travel Guide

The China Travel Guide serves as an information toolkit for faculty and staff to better understand the international travel process, learn about the local culture and obtain the most out of a business trip to China. The guide provides information about arrangements for pre-departure and post-arrival, how to select the appropriate visa and insight into the local Chinese culture.

Travel Services

Ohio State Delegation in Beijing, China

Academic Partnerships

International Agreements

The Office of International Affairs is the first point of contact in developing international agreements. Contact Joanna Kukielka-Blaser (, program director, international relations, if you are interested in working on formalizing an agreement.

Education Abroad Programs

The China Gateway helps facilitate various education abroad programs according to each program’s needs. For example, the China Gateway assists the Global May China program in the following ways: