China Gateway


The China Gateway works with a diverse array of partners - academic, corporate, governmental and NGOs - connecting Ohio State faculty, staff and students to these organizations. To explore collaborative opportunities, please contact China Gateway Director Phoebe You at

Academic Partnerships

The China Gateway provides meaningful connections for Ohio State students, researchers, faculty and academic partners in the Greater China area. The China Gateway guides academically-focused inquiries by identifying shared research and teaching interests with Chinese institutions, soliciting useful information and contacts through the existing network of academic partners and providing local support including, but not limited to, interpretation and transportation needs.

Academic disciplines across Ohio State engage in various collaborative activities with institutions across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. To learn more about specific partnership agreements, search active agreements, or view the most recent International Partnerships Annual Report.

Corporate Partnerships

The China Gateway partners with international and local companies to provide Ohio State Chinese students and alumni with promising job opportunities and participates in recruiting individuals, assisting with job and internship posting and distribution, assuring quality and diversity, and maintaining long-term relationships with the hiring companies. The China Gateway facilitates the academic-industry commercialization by matching Ohio State's research interests with the existing alumni and industry networks in order to advance global collaboration and innovation.