Global Education

Sexual Harassment

Education abroad participants, both women and men, should be aware that The Ohio State University is committed to providing a living and study environment free from sexual harassment. The university encourages education abroad participants to report concerns and complaints so that prompt corrective measures can be taken to stop sexual harassment whenever it occurs. If you experience sexual harassment while studying abroad, first be assertive and let the individual concerned know that his or her conduct is unwelcome and offensive to you.

As soon as possible, document what has happened in writing and report the situation to your resident director, in-country contact or education abroad coordinator. If you are uncomfortable discussing the situation with your resident director or host contact, contact your coordinator directly.

Ohio State is committed to taking prompt and appropriate action in your support. If appropriate, an investigation will be conducted, and if at all possible, your identity will remain confidential. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken whether Ohio State or foreign students and/or faculty are involved. If the evidence is inconclusive, some action may still be in order. You will be kept informed on the outcome of your complaint. If the individual who harassed you is not an employee of The Ohio State University or host institution, you should still report the incident, because the university may be able to act on your behalf with regard to the situation.