Global Education

Code of Student Conduct

As an Ohio State education abroad participant, you are expected to attend all classes and to participate in all program activities, including in-country program field trips and excursions. You also are expected to conduct yourself in a manner appropriate to your status as a guest of your host country and as a representative of The Ohio State University. As a member of the Ohio State academic community, your rights and responsibilities are outlined in the university's Code of Student Conduct, which applies to off-campus conduct of students, including those who participate in study abroad programs.

The Ohio State University Code of Student Conduct identifies prohibited types of conduct that will subject a student to university discipline. These include, but are not limited to, academic misconduct, endangering the health or safety of any person, sexual misconduct and destruction of property. Inappropriate behavior abroad that constitutes a violation of the Student Code of Conduct can result in your dismissal from a study abroad program.