Global Health & Safety

Emergencies Abroad

The Office of International Affairs provides specific guidelines in the event of emergencies abroad. Travelers should review the information in advance and be prepared in the case of an emergency.

Emergency contact preparedness

Travelers should carry the following numbers both in written format as well as entered into any mobile phone they will be traveling with:

  1. The Ohio State 24/7 International Emergency Phone Line: +1-614-292-6677. (Can accept collect calls from abroad.)
  2. GeoBlue Global Health and Safety Services: +1-610-254-8771. (Can accept collect calls from abroad.)
  3. The local equivalent of 911 for the country in which you are traveling.
          -Keep in mind that in many countries there may be a different number for police, fire and ambulance.
          -Also bear in mind that responders may not be proficient in English, and access and response times may vary depending on your location.
  4. he standard number and emergency after hours number for the local U.S. (or your country of citizenship) Embassy or Consulate for the country or region in which you are traveling.
  5. The number for your in-country contact (if you are traveling on an Ohio State managed program, this should be the number for your faculty or staff resident director).
  6. A personal emergency contact for a family or friend back in the United States.

Having these numbers accessible will allow you to act swiftly in the event of an emergency.