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English Conversation Program

English Conversation Program

The English Conversation Program is for students who like meeting other students from around world. International and American students have the opportunity to expand their worldviews, improve their intercultural communication skills and make friends from different cultural backgrounds. Students will be put in groups of five or six based on their availability and diversity of background to meet throughout the semester for the purpose of having great conversations and experiences. ECP will also provide exclusive field trips and activities for all ECP members. Our goal is to provide the environment and opportunities for all Ohio State students to develop interpersonal skills, have meaningful conversations and meet new people face-to-face.

To learn more and register, visit go.osu.edu/ECProgram.

Language Improvement Track

Students who register for ECP, also have the opportunity to apply to be part of the Language Improvement Track (LIT). LIT is student-to-student teaching and is for students who are more interested in developing their English speaking and listening skills, and for students who are more interested in teaching language and interpersonal skills.

Students will be put into groups with a facilitator who leads speaking and pronunciation activities, guided conversations and small speaking assignments. LIT group sessions are more like small language workshops, where students can focus on expressing themselves clearly, compellingly and confidently.

To learn more and register, visit go.osu.edu/ECProgram.

For updates about the program, join the ECP Facebook Group. If you have any questions regarding ECP, contact Dan Montour.


Please note that the English Conversation Program is only for current Ohio State students.