Global Gateways


Building on Ohio State's international connections

The Ohio State University is committed to becoming a preeminent global university – one that prepares its students and faculty to participate actively in knowledge-based collaborations around the world. As one of the best public universities in the United States, we strive to build a foundation that will integrate international dimensions with every facet of the institution, to pursue international partnerships and to collaborate on the solution of local and global issues based on Ohio State's expertise. To solidify Ohio State's commitment to enhancing its global interactions, the university opened offices – Global Gateways – in key parts of the world.

Ohio State opened Gateway office locations in Shanghai, China (February 2010), Mumbai, India (March 2012) and São Paulo, Brazil (September 2014). The locations for the Gateways capitalize on the strengths of Ohio State's connections across the globe and provide the university with a myriad of opportunities, including operational support for faculty research/teaching and international partnerships, a portal for education abroad, a location for international student recruitment, a center for academic programming as well as executive and corporate training, a location for alumni gatherings and a new way to partner with Ohio-based companies operating in global markets.

Ohio State's involvement in China, India and Brazil is robust with student, faculty and alumni engagement. Global Gateways signify one initiative of several identified by the President's and Provost's Council on Strategic Internationalization in 2009 in which developing an international physical presence was among the priorities.

To further enhance the university’s global reach in China, India and Brazil, the Global Gateways work in four strategic areas to engage, facilitate and build relationships, while ensuring the integrity and compliance of our international collaborations.

Prospective and current student support
The Global Gateways support prospective students as they consider The Ohio State University for their studies or research endeavors. Before students decide to attend Ohio State, the Gateway team attends recruitment fairs and events and conducts outreach to admitted students in collaboration with the Office of Student Academic Success (OSAS). As international students from China, India and Brazil prepare to arrive on campus, the Gateways work with campus partners and the Office of International Affairs’ International Students and Scholars unit to communicate needs unique to international students and hosting pre-departure orientations. To support international students throughout their time at Ohio State, the Gateways coordinate and participate in programming focusing on China, India and Brazil, as well as share experiential learning options such as global education, internship and career opportunities.

Partnerships and collaborations
The Gateways support faculty and staff through research connections and industry and university partnerships. The teams in China, India and Brazil provide information on grant funding, professional development around emerging topics and areas of interest, staff exchange programs, and intercultural training for faculty and staff who work with international populations. Global Gateways also collaborate with faculty and staff on events and conferences that are hosted in-region by providing logistical and in-country support.

Alumni engagement
The Global Gateways connect and engage with international alumni to strengthen their relationship with Ohio State, as well as share networking and career opportunities and can develop and support alumni club activities in the region.

Corporate engagement
Working with Ohio-based businesses that have international operations and in-region companies, the Gateways develop relationships and engage with the university on executive education programs, experiential opportunities, trainings, educational activities and events.

While the Office of International Affairs helps facilitate the development and growth of the Global Gateways, each of the Gateways are managed by a smaller team located both in Ohio and abroad. These leaders identify the best ways possible to achieve the goals established for the Gateways. They also ensure that the Global Gateways are advancing Ohio State's internationalization strategies.

Padmini Roy-Dixon
Padmini Roy-Dixon
Padmini Roy-Dixon serves as the executive director for Global Gateways and International Partnerships. She is responsible for providing organizational leadership and support as well as building and managing alliances between the academic units and the China, India and Brazil Gateways to promote research collaborations and programming efforts. Padmini also develops strategic business plans, performance metrics and oversees the budget. She holds a master's degree from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State, a master's degree in finance from Boston College and a bachelor's degree in commerce from the University of Delhi.

Shammi Liyange
Shammi Liyange serves as an accounting and operations associate for the Global Gateways. She is responsible for providing accounting and fiscal support to the Global Gateways and Ohio State. She is also responsible for budgeting, monitoring and reconciling expenditures, managing accounts receivable and managerial accounting for the Global Gateway programs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance in Sri Lanka, holds a Certificate in Accounting from Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, and is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Kaitlyn Witsaman
Kaitlyn Witsaman plans and oversees Global Gateways events and programs. She also builds on stakeholder relationships, researches information relative to services offered by the Gateways and supports day-to-day operations. She holds a Master of Arts in Leadership in Higher Education from Baldwin Wallace University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Fairmont State University.