Virtual Exchange Learning Community

Ohio State faculty and instructors interested in learning how to design a global and intercultural learning experience with international partners are encouraged to apply the Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)/Virtual Exchange Learning Community, which will take place autumn semester 2024.

A partnership between the Office of International Affairs and the Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, the COIL learning community will support instructors in designing new global and intercultural student learning experiences in virtual modalities. COIL virtual exchange programs, which may be course-based or project-based, should connect Ohio State students with their peers at home and around the world through collaborative learning and meaningful intercultural interactions in the online classroom. Instructors who plan to design general education theme courses with intercultural learning integrative practices are of particular interest for this cohort.

Participants will learn how to design an interculturally mediated collaborative project with international partners. They will learn how to create appropriate intercultural learning outcomes, find resources for online learning and administer valid and reliable assessment measures. Additionally, each participant will receive a stipend to be used for course development, materials and professional development.

Important Dates and Online Application

Learning community meetings will start in August 2024. The expected time commitment is approximately five to eight hours each month. All meetings will be synchronous and online via Zoom. Participants will be expected to read all materials (articles, book chapters, case studies or videos) and review resources provided by facilitators prior to the group 90-minute meetings.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee composed of faculty and staff from the Office of International Affairs and the Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning.

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Additional Information

Funds will be distributed to the applicant’s department within two weeks after the budget proposal is approved.

Eligible expenses

Opportunities and materials that further your own professional development as you design and prepare to teach a COIL/VE course. This includes participating in training on intercultural communication or training in facilitating intercultural learning, taking the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), the purchase of books and support to attend conferences on teaching that include sessions with an intercultural focus. You may also use your funds for resources that will support you or your students in their intercultural knowledge building and global learning. Some examples include using the Global Competence Certificate modules in your course, intercultural assessments or books. Participants will submit a budget proposal for approval prior to the distribution of funds.

Course design

Instructors will refer to backwards course design and will direct participants to appropriate resources for assistance.

Teaching endorsement

This is not an approved pathway toward any of the current teaching endorsement offerings. However, participants may be able to use this project for Instructional Redesign.

Instructional redesign

Participants who are a tenure-track, clinical, teaching or practice faculty or full-time lecturers (75% appointment or greater) and have completed the Teaching @Ohio State Carmen Course, these COIL courses/projects are eligible for instructional redesign. Visit for details.