Jasmine Shi

Jasmine Shi

Jasmine Shi is a third-year international undergraduate student majoring in new media and communication technology with a minor in media production and analysis and women’s, gender and sexuality studies. She is a student leader in the Office of International Affairs' English Conversation Program 

What has been your favorite moments or memories from your time at Ohio State?

Back in my second year, I applied for a fall break Career Trek in the College of Arts and Science. The Career Trek is held in New York City, which is one of my favorite cities in the United States; it also focuses on media industry, which is my passion. Most of the participants would be junior and seniors, so I was not sure whether I had the competence as a sophomore. Surprisingly, I got in and I still remember how excited I was the moment I saw the email. That was an amazing three-day trip: exploring my favorite city and favorite companies. I got the chance to see what’s it like to work in my dream industry. It is not usual that you can talk to employees in Sony, Ogilvy, and other media companies and take a tour of their workspace in a day. Every time I revisit this precious memory, I feel grateful for being a student at Ohio State.

What piece of advice would you give a new incoming student?

Enjoy your college life and do not stress out about the future! I was once a stressful freshman and worried about my career in my first year. It nearly took all the fun away from me, but I eventually found my way out. One of the best parts of the life at Ohio State is that there are endless events for you to get involved as long as you want to. I was so lucky that I met many good friends through different events in my first year and we’ve been supporting each other since then.

 So, give each event a try, this could be the best way for a new student to get used to the brand-new life!

 Why did you choose to be an ECP leader and what has your experience been like?

I was once just a general member in ECP in my second year. It was a normal day when I saw the application of ECP through OIA's newsletter and I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet new friends. After a semester, a friend I made through ECP, who is the president of ECP now, asked me if I was interested in applying for the media chair in the ECP executive board. I was flattered and excited. I said yes without a second thought because I enjoyed my time at ECP so much and I wanted to bring this experience to more students. What’s more, media is my passion, so I’m glad that I get the chance to use my skills in one of my favorite programs.

Now I have been an ECP leader for a semester and I’ve learned more than I expected. My leadership skills were trained in so many ways and my favorite experience is going to our weekly executive board meetings. Although I am drowned in countless Zoom meetings this semester, I always have a good mood after every single ECP meeting. Working with such a wonderful team is a blessing. Every ECP coordinator creates a positive vibe in our team and puts in a lot of hard work. I love our optimistic attitude in each event no matter how many people come. This semester is tough since the whole program moved online, which never happened before. However, we nailed it and we hope that the next semester will be better!

I never thought that the glimpse of an email would eventually lead me to become an ECP leader and meet so many wonderful people. I am so thankful for these experiences.

How did you choose your major/minors? And how do you like your studies so far?

I did not really hesitate when I chose new media and communication technology (COT) as my major. I knew that I wanted to learn more about communication since I was in high school. I have been learning video editing, photography and managing social media myself, so choosing COT as my major can definitely help me develop these skills in the theoretical aspect. To practice these skills more, I chose to add media production and analysis as my minor. These are not only my interests, but also what can prepare me for my future career.

The other minor I have was not in my plans at first, but I gradually became interested in it. What led me to the women’s, gender and sexuality studies (WGSST) minor was a course I took as a GE requirement in my first year. It was called "Gender, Sex, Power," and I learned a lot of fundamental concepts in feminism from that course. At first, I found the course somewhat difficult since that was my first semester in college, and it was hard for me to get so many readings done as I was a slow reader. However, my interests in WGSST grow throughout that semester since I spent plenty of time struggling with the readings. I found myself wanting to study WGSST in another course, but my GE requirement was already fulfilled. Therefore, I thought, why not take WGSST as a minor? Now, I’m glad that I made that choice and satisfied with it.

What was an instance at Ohio State that made you really proud?

My experience in Buckeyethon made me really proud. I always find helping people a proud thing to do, Buckeyethon is an example. I was in an international student team and we raised plenty of money as a 16-people team. I remember myself going to different people and asking for funds on a rainy game day, it was really a special and meaningful day. Unfortunately, I personally didn’t make it to the Dance Marathon and saw the children we helped, but our team did. The reason why I was so proud of the experience is that I felt the power of international students. People from different countries came together as a team to help children in Ohio, it is one of the most powerful and proudest things I have ever done. If what I did could make other people’s life better, even just a little bit, it would bring me tons of joy.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am super nostalgic. I keep almost everything from the past and bring some of them with me wherever I go. If you write me a letter or send me a postcard, they’ll be with me till the day I leave this world. I am also obsessed with some of the old lifestyles such as collecting vinyl records, using vintage film cameras and so on. Maybe it is related to what I study, new media. Things I study and practice are mostly online, so sometimes I feel strangely far away from reality. The letters, vinyl and films can remind me of what traditional and physical life is like.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted you? What have you found to help you cope?

The biggest impact COVID-19 has had on me is that all my classes became online, and I am not a fan of it. I always loved sitting in a classroom and being around other students, I love looking at professors in their eyes and interacting with them, but none of this is possible anymore in this pandemic. Endless Zoom meetings frustrate me a lot, and I sometimes feel like having done nothing but be in front of a screen all day. Luckily for me, I found ways that work for me. I go outside for a walk occasionally, especially when it’s sunny to release all the stress. Seeing trees, flowers and getting some fresh air brings the connection with the physical world back to me. After a stroll, my mind always gets cleared and feels ready for anything coming up. Other than being responsible for the physical health, there is nothing more important than taking care of one’s own mental health during this pandemic. My secret is to keep the connection with offline world: nature, friends and family. I personally have experienced some mental health issues, so I know how important and nice it is to tend to it.