Global One Health initiative

Joshua Amimo

Joshua Amimo lectures on animal genetics and breeding. Prior to his appointment as a lecturer, he was a research technologist on livestock breeding.

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Robert Baiocchi

Baiocchi focuses experimental therapeutics of lymphoma, epigenetics of B cell transformation and viral oncogenesis.

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Amanda Berrian

Berrian's research interests​ include One Health research and education with a focus on community health promotion.

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Michael Bisesi

Bisesi's expertise includes assessment of human exposure to and control of toxic chemicals and pathogenic microbes.

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Prosper Boyaka

Boyaka's area of expertise lies in molecular medicine, where he focuses on the regulation of immunity.

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Aravind Chandrasekaran

Chandrasekaran’s research investigates innovation, learning and knowledge creation issues in a variety of areas.

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Daniel Woldetsadik

Daniel is an associate professor and a consultant of medical microbiology in Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia.

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Tamrat Abebe Zeleke

Tamrat's research interests lie in the identification of biomarkers to tropical and other infectious diseases.

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