Strategic Plan 2012-2017

The Ohio State University will be consistently recognized among the top 10 public comprehensive research universities in the world. To achieve this goal, Ohio State is following a planning path that engages all members of its community. Every college and support unit—in collaboration with its constituents—has developed a strategic plan to prioritize objectives and guide decision-making. All are founded in the overarching principles of Ohio State’s vision, mission and values.

Strategic planning builds commitment to a shared vision by identifying points of progress and establishing the metrics to measure that progress. All strategic planning at Ohio State is guided by 10 principles that ensure that the university’s planning effort remains continually vital, sustainable, and accountable. Because Ohio State’s vision, mission, and values are touchstones for all of the university’s strategic plans, and since they are shaped by the same guiding principles, all of the strategic plans support and sustain each other.

The strategic plan developed by the Office of International Affairs follows the university's guidelines and support's the vision, mission and values. The goals identified are set in place to advance knowledge and enhance Ohio State's growing global reputation.

Office of International Affairs Strategic Plan 2012-2017