Steering Committee

The International Strategic Plan steering committee was appointed by Bruce McPheron, Provost and Executive Vice President, and is composed of senior academic and operational leaders, including representation from the colleges, regional campuses and administrative units. The committee met quarterly during the 2019-2020 academic year.

Karla Zadnik, Executive Dean for Health Sciences and Dean of the College of Optometry, represented the health sciences colleges; David Williams, Executive Dean of the Professional Colleges and Dean of the College of Engineering, represented the professional colleges; and Gregory Rose, Dean and Director, The Ohio State University at Marion, represented the regional campuses. 

The steering committee includes:

 Gil Latz, Co-Chair  Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs  Office of International Affairs
 Randy Smith, Co-Chair   Vice Provost for Academic Programs  Office of Academic Affairs
 Susan Basso  Senior Vice President for Talent and Culture  Office of Human Resources
 Alicia Bertone  Vice Provost and Dean  Graduate School
 Michael Eicher  Senior Vice President  Office of Advancement
 Gates Garrity-Rokous  Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer  Office of University Compliance and Integrity
 Mike Hoffherr  Vice President and Chief Information Officer  Office of the Chief Information Officer
 Beth Hume  Vice Provost and Dean  Office of Student Academic Success and Undergraduate  Education
 Cathann Kress  Dean  College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
 James Moore III  Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer  Office of Diversity and Inclusion
 Morton O'Kelly  Divisional Dean  College of Arts and Sciences
 Michael Papadakis  Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer  Office of Business and Finance
 Harold Paz  Executive Vice President and Chancellor for Health Affairs  Wexner Medical Center
 Don Pope-Davis  Dean  College of Education and Human Ecology
 Stacy Rastauskas  Vice President  Office of Government Affairs
 Gregory Rose  Dean and Director  The Ohio State University at Marion, Regional Campuses
 Melissa Shivers  Vice President  Office of Student Life
 Morley Stone  Senior Vice President  Office of Research
 David Williams  Dean  College of Engineering
 Karla Zadnik  Dean  College of Optometry