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Global Option

The Global Option is a curriculum enhancement program through which Ohio State students may acquire a documented international expertise integrated into participating majors without adding time to graduation. The Global Option is a key component of Ohio State's strategy for institutional internationalization as presented in the President and Provost's Council on Strategic Internationalization.
University Approval: The Provost's Council approved the Global Option concept on October 17, 2011 and The Council of Academic Affairs (CAA) approved the general framework on October 9, 2012. Academic units are required to submit unit-specific plans for a Global Option to CAA for approval (attention: W. Randy Smith, Vice Provost for Academic Programs). For specific faculty rules that govern certificates of study, please consult the handbook.

Purpose: Undergraduates in participating academic units will combine international components with their major in order to strengthen their global perspectives and gain global skills in order to perform at a higher level. 

Major Components: The following six programmatic areas are included in the basic Global Option framework that Ohio State academic units are encouraged to consider. Academic units are welcome to add areas to the basic Global Option framework.

  • Study Abroad: introductory study abroad (e.g. Global May/Summer) and/or a discipline-specific study abroad program
  • Two on-campus courses with strong international focus, preferably within major
  • World language other than English or native language; majors that do not require language studies--complete the general education language requirement; all other complete language studies above and beyond the requirements by the major, as determined by College Curriculum Committee Global Option plan
  • One capstone project (research, internship, service learning) in discipline on an international theme
  • Evaluation of global competencies on a standardized assessment
  • Comprehensive e-portfolio of international activities

Contact: For further information and assistance in developing a unit specific Global Option program, please contact Esther Gottlieb, PhD, gottlieb.26@osu.edu or 614-292-6392.

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