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China Gateway News

To receive news and updates from the China Gateway — including information on international agreements, alumni gatherings, networking events and Ohio State students, faculty and staff in China — please register your interest in the Gateway. 

Faculty traveling to China are encouraged to notify Gateway director Phoebe You of their impending visit. The staff at the Shanghai office can help by facilitating focused networking, targeted recruitment and support for scholarly work abroad. The Gateways can also help identify accommodations and provide recommendations and general wayfinding. 

After the success of hosting a well-attended career fair last August, the Ohio State China Gateway collaborated with seven American universities to co-host a Career Open Day and create more career opportunities for current students and alumni in finance and business.

The Career Open Day was held in Shanghai on January 6 and attracted around 30 top firms and 300 Chinese young professionals. Companies in attendance included PwC, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Citibank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, DBS Bank and Bloomberg.

Prior to the career fair, guest speakers from Standard Chartered, JD Finance and Bloomberg shared the benefits of educational experiences abroad and the insights of financial development in China. Phoebe You, director of the China Gateway, discussed the role of the China Gateway and how it supports bridging the gap between job-seeking and talent acquisition.

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The Ohio State University College of Nursing leadership team traveled to China on November 14 to initiate the Center for Transdisciplinary Evidence-based Practice (CTEP) program training in the Tenth People’s Hospital in Shanghai.The visit was coordinated by Xiaoping Shen, founder and principal of Sibo Nursing School and an Ohio State alumnus. 

The week-long training program is instructed by three Ohio State professors. Students for the upcoming training program will consist of 22 nurses from Shanghai and adjacent provinces.

Ye Wenqin, vice president for the Professors in Shanghai Nursing Association, spoke at the opening ceremony and encouraged students to actively participate in learning the advanced evidence-based concept and its clinical practice. Representatives and guests from the Shanghai Institute of Technology, College of Nursing, Tongji University, Shanghai Tenth People's Hospital and Shanghai Langpei education also attended the ceremony.

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Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to take NELC 5204: "Cultures and Politics in Central Asia" in Spring 2017. Students will explore a little-known but globally significant region at the nexus of Islamic revival, post-communist democratization, Eurasian geopolitics and security, vast energy reserves, and millenia of historical connection with the Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Persian, and Indian worlds. The course will look at Central Asia under and after Soviet-Russian rule, its rapid modernization, experience under communism, changing role of women, the creation of nations, distinctiveness of its Islam, its new markets, its vast energy sector, and the emergence of neighbor China.

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