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Taste of OSU and World Carnaval 2008 Awards

Best Cultural Exhibit - 2008 Taste of OSU and World Carnaval

1) Sri Lankan Student Association

2) Bangladesh Student Association

3) Hong Kong Student Association

The exhibit represented all the different races in Sri Lanka via an "Ox Carriage" display. This common mode of transportation has been used across the country in numerous applications. The display featured religious items, explanations of rituals, explored customs and highlighted festivals that symbolize the different regions of Sri Lanka. 

Taste of OSU

Sri Lankan Student Association members

Best Food - 2008 Taste of OSU and World Carnaval

1) Association for India's Development

2) Sri Lankan Student Association

3) Indian Student Association

The Association for India's Development menu of seekh kebabs, paneer frankies, papdi chat, puliohara, almond shot, gulab jamuns, and coconut laddoos featured dishes from diverse regions of India. 

Taste of OSU
Association for India's Development members 

Best Cultural Performance - 2008 Taste of OSU and World Carnaval

1) Indian Student Association

2) Chinese Students and Scholars Society at OSU

3) Turkish Student Association

Indian Student Association student Aditi Singh's performance of a Punjabi folk dance earned the top prize in the Cultural Performance category.

Taste of OSU

Indian Student Association members 

2008 Campus Dining Services Chef's Dessert Competition - Best Dessert

1) Spring Parfait, Chef Les Fonza (North Commons)

2) Pate a Choux Pastry Swans, Chef Patrick Murphy (Kennedy Commons)

3) (tie) Cashew Turtle Tart, Chef Chuck Balue (University Catering)

3) (tie) Death By Heath Bar Brownie, Chef Jim Garrett, Morrill Commons

Taste of OSU

Spring Parfait - Dessert by Chef Les Fonza 

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