International Students


The classroom experience

We want to prepare our LEAP students for the Ohio State academic experience. The American university classroom can have very different expectations and culture than many places. We expect our students to ask questions in class, give presentations, work in diverse groups and follow strict writing guidelines.

We want to make sure our LEAP students can compete and participate with their fellow domestic classmates on the very first day of class. LEAP students will take classes Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., and assignments will focus on “language excellence and academic preparedness.”

Language excellence

Everyday our students will be speaking and perfecting their English. LEAP will challenge students’ spoken English in a wide variety of situations. Everything from giving class presentations to acting in a small play and conversing with native speakers. We want to produce valuable speaking and communication habits for our students so they can fully engage all the resources that an American campus can provide.

Academic preparedness

It can take a very long time for international students to adjust to an American university.  If students can not adapt to our writing, test taking and assignment standards, they may not succeed. We want to give our participants all the tools they need to develop a strong academic strategy to minimize confusion about assignments.

Exploring resources

During LEAP, students will learn and explore key campus resources that will help them successfully adapt and transition to life at Ohio State. These resources revolve around four overarching units:

  • Library – Thompson library tour, library databases, librarian workshop; written article critique/paraphrasing; how to read scholarly articles; etc.
  • College Culture and Social Interaction – guest speakers on LGBTQ, campus safety, sexual civility and empowerment, counseling, academic misconduct, Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC); living on campus/dorm; making friends; small talk; political correctness; social etiquette; “when in Rome”; nonverbal communication; Ohio State Code of Student Conduct; word stress, focus word, intonation and pronunciation
  • Campus and Community Involvement – find information and commit to attending/joining three events, clubs, intramural sports, organizations, lectures for the fall; importance of volunteerism; connecting to the greater community; jobs on campus; presentation on one of the events/clubs, etc.
  • Academic Expectations and the Classroom – collaborative projects; group discussions; speaking and asking questions in class; professor office hours; Socratic seminar; lead discussions; debate and hedging; writing/essay writing expectations and standards; group presentation standards and Western discourse; Canvas; plagiarism; citation styles; TurnItIn; rubrics; grading scale; note-taking techniques; permission if recording lectures; summarizing/paraphrasing notes; and the Writing Center.