International Students

Academic Resources

Take advantage of the wide variety of academic support Ohio State offers.

ESEPSY 2060, Academic Success Strategies for International Students

A seven-week, two-credit hour course, open to international undergraduates, helps students adapt to U.S. academic culture and practice skills needed for success in Ohio State classrooms.

Academic Success Series Workshops

This workshop series, offered through the Office of International Affairs, covers topics specifically designed to help international students, such as participating in class and communicating with faculty.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers in-person and online appointments for guidance on writing at any stage of a project.

Dennis Learning Center

The Dennis Learning Center offers courses, one-on-one academic coaching and workshops to help students succeed academically.

Intercultural English Language Programs (IELP) e-books

IELP developed two e-books available for international students at no cost: "Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking" and "Empowering International Graduate Students through Writing."

Disability Services

Disability Services is committed to creating an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are encouraged to register with the office to be considered for accommodations.

Tutoring Services

A wide variety of units on campus offer tutoring, including individual academic departments, the Younkin Success Center and University Housing.