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To get started, contact your college's career services office for more information:

You can also visit the university's Buckeye Careers for more resources and information.

Begin building skill sets early

Here are a few suggestions:

Participating in any one of these activities will help you build valuable skill sets needed for your future job or internship search. Employers will be looking for transferable skills when interviewing potential candidates for positions. What are transferable skills? They are any skill you have developed through any type of activity that you want to apply to your next job. Some examples of transferable skills are:

It is important to develop these skills so that during interviews you will have something to discuss and concrete examples to share. A new trend in recruiting is a form of interviewing called behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing is based on a philosophy that past performance can predict future behavior. Now in many interviews, interviewees will be asked many situational questions, for example, “Tell me about a time when you…” The interviewers are expecting that each student will have a specific example of the type of situation they are asking about.

When you are asked questions in an interview, it is important to know yourself and your background. Make a list of your skills and work-related characteristics. Update it regularly. Use the CAR format when answering questions and giving specific examples.

Employment options due to immigration status

It is very important for you to be aware of the legalities of your immigration status and your visa type. You should be prepared to explain to an interviewer that it is easy to hire an international student for a co-op or internship opportunity. As a candidate, it is your goal to make it easy for an employer to decide to hire you. Many interviewers may be unfamiliar with hiring international students, so knowing how the process works will help you calm their concerns. Employers may not know that OIA will handle the necessary immigration paperwork, therefore making it fairly simple to hire co-ops and interns who follow the proper procedures.

Obtain home country employment

If you are interested in a co-op, internship or full time employment in your home country, there are several ways to identify companies.

Helpful websites 

International job search resources

Government and immigration information

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