Qiongqiong Liu

Qiongqiong Liu

Industrial analysis of commercial vehicles in China and U.S. markets

Qiongqiong Liu, lecturer, Huaian Vocational College of Information Technology (China)
Giorgio Rizzoni, faculty mentor


  • Hometown: Liaocheng, China
  • Degrees received: Master of Engineering in automotive engineering, Chang'an University, China

What is the issue or problem addresses in your research?

By analyzing the commercial vehicle market in China and the United States, including classification, policies, emission requirements, energy efficiency and future commercial vehicle technology development, the opportunities and challenges faced by commercial vehicles are summarized under different backgrounds of emission regulations and energy demand.

What methodology did you use in your research?

Comparatives study, data statistics and case studies.

What are the purpose/rationale and implications of your research?

The study provides a broad introduction to the challenges, and opportunities, that are facing the commercial vehicle industry today, and also present a vision of where the industry is headed in the next ten to fifteen years.