International Scholars


Transfer out

Scholars will not be able to receive a Form DS-2019 from the new institution unless the following steps are completed. A Departure/Transfer Appointment may be requested upon an OIA immigration specialist’s request.

Transfer in

If you are currently in the United States in J-1 status at another institution and will be transferring to The Ohio State University as a J-1, you will not receive your DS-2019 until you arrive on campus and report to our office. You will need to coordinate the transition between your current institution and Ohio State. Both institutions must be involved in your transfer, coordinating the completion of your current program and the start of your program at Ohio State so there is no break in your J-1 program.

When transferring, it's important to keep in mind that changes in program objective are not permitted under U.S. Department of State (DOS) J-1 regulations. After reviewing the completed transfer materials OIA may require the host department to complete the Continuation of Same Objective Form to ensure compliance with DOS regulations. 

To begin this process:

    • Speak with your Ohio State departmental Human Resources (HR) person about initiating the eScholar process.
    • After you receive the invitation email from your HR person, you will be directed to complete a J-1 Scholar Application via the IntBuckeye system where you will be required to upload all copies of your DS-2019s.
    • Please coordinate the details between your current institution and Ohio State to be sure there is no break between the end date at your current institution and the start date at Ohio State.
    • Schedule an Orientation Appointment.
    • You will receive your DS-2019 at orientation.