International Scholars

Maintaining Status

You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status. There are several important things you must do to maintain status.

Change of address requirement

As part of the U.S. federal immigration regulations, you must notify the Office of International Affairs within 10 days of a U.S. residential address change. Please select the appropriate scenario as described below to notify us:

Note: you cannot use a work address or a P.O. Box for this requirement

Email with any questions.

Additional requirements

In addition to the above reporting requirements, you are responsible for the following:

Occasional lectures and short-term consultations

Department of State J-1 regulations allow visiting scholars to participate in occasional lectures and short-term consultations outside of the program sponsor under limited conditions. Before accepting such an opportunity, you must first obtain approval in writing in advance from the program sponsor, The Ohio State University's Office of International Affairs (OIA). The program sponsor must evaluate the documentation listed below in terms of your program objectives, your individual circumstances and the J-1 regulations, and then determine whether it would be appropriate or not. Only when the all the criteria are met and procedures completed, will authorization be approved.

Criteria for authorizing an activity

The proposed activity must:


To obtain authorization for an additional activity, you must request that your inviting institution/corporation and your department supervisor complete the J-1 Occasional Lectures and Short-Term Consultations Form and return it to the Office of International Affairs.

Additional activity authorization

Your authorization will take the form of a letter to you from International Affairs, which your inviting institution/corporation may ask to see, and which you should keep permanently. A new DS-2019 with the updated information will print for your records and will be available for pick-up at the OIA front desk upon notification. You will be working not as an employee but as an independent contractor, meaning that you will not have a sustained employer-employee relationship with the person or institution paying you, and will not complete Form I-9, "Employment Eligibility Verification," in order to start work.

If there are any questions, please consult an Immigration Coordinator at International Affairs. Schedule an appointment.

Change of status

Due to the complexity of the J status immigration regulations, OIA recommends that you speak with a specialist as soon as you begin to consider changing your nonimmigrant status. If you are subject to Section 212(e), also known as the "two year home residency requirement," this will impact your situation. If you are uncertain whether or not you are subject to 212(e), a specialist can likely assist you with the determination and, if needed, will provide you with information about how you can apply to receive a waiver of this requirement. The specialist will also discuss options for changing status via the mail or via travel.

J-1 scholar services

Visiting scholars can request to have their DS-2019 reprinted or updated if lost, damaged or experience a change in funding to their J-1 program. 

If you were hired prior to December 2017, please email to make your request and an immigration coordinator will follow-up shortly.

If you were hired after December 2017, please go directly to Intbuckeye and under "Current Students, Scholars, Faculty and Staff" log in using your BuckeyePass credentials. Once you are directed to the IntBuckeye Services home page, under J-1 Scholar Services select "Replace DS-2019" or "Change in Funding" to make your requests. An immigration coordinator will send an email notification once your DS-2019 is ready for pick up.