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Departure reporting requirement (including transfers and change of status)

Your J-1 program at The Ohio State University will end when:

If you are ready to end your program with The Ohio State University, you need to prepare for departure by doing the following:

Grace periods

After the date on your Departure Form, you have a 30-day grace period following completion of your program to:

If your J-1 program at Ohio State ends earlier than the end date listed on Form DS-2019, then the 30-day grace period begins upon the actual completion date of your program, not the end date on Form DS-2019.

NOTE: Transfers to another J-1 program must be completed before the end date on Form DS-2019.


If you were a J-1 scholar at The Ohio State University (paid or unpaid), you must file tax forms before April 15 of next year

If you were paid by The Ohio State University:



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