USP-FE Exchange

Partner information

Institution: University of São Paulo College of Education (FE-USP). USP is a top university in Brazil and Latin America with more than 55 years of partnership with Ohio State.

Contact: Fabiana Jardim, faculty member at FE-USP; Marla Goins, PhD candidate in the Department of Teaching and Learning, Ohio State College of Education and Human Ecology.

Project information

USP-FE has an exchange program that includes internships for foreign students. The Brazil Gateway shared the opportunity with PhD student, Marla Goins.

Goins was able to complete a portion of her PhD research within FE-USP, its applied schools and with other resources provided by the university and its community partners.

"I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from brilliant activists, high school and college students, and faculty members in São Paulo...Thank you to Jane Aparecido, director of the Brazil Gateway, for remembering my research interests and telling me about the exchange program in the Department of Education at the University of São Paulo. Thank you to my international advisor Fabiana Jadim for supporting while also being consumed with scholar-activism. Thank you to Sheila Perina de Souza, a master’s student in education at the University of São Paulo, for taking me to meet potential participant activists. I will never forget my experience, and I look forward to continuing to honor you in my work," said Goins.