Global Gateways


“It was a pleasure to have them, and it is very important that we had connections with a company that had a current case we could ask for them to solve.”

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“GAP is a great opportunity to solve relevant business problems, while accessing talents and connecting with advanced academy knowledge.”

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Law Master Class

“The event was very important; the organization was great, with throughout availability and professionalism from the Brazil Gateway.”

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Fiat Chrysler in Brazil

“We had an experience that was very similar to that of a students on campus. At the end of the program, we applied our knowledge to a final project correlated to the real project we had to perform at FCA.”

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“The Fisher students were engaged throughout the entire project working with team members across the organization, and provided a high quality work product at the conclusion of their in-country visit.”

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USP-FE Exchange

"Thank you to Jane Aparecido, director of the Brazil Gateway, for remembering my research interests and telling me about the exchange program in the Department of Education at the University of São Paulo."

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