Thiruppathy (Thiru) Srinivasan

Thiruppathy (Thiru) Srinivasan is a 1991 graduate of the mechanical engineering master’s program and was a university fellow. As a student, he compiled a thesis with his academic advisor Cheena Srinivasan, professor and former chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Currently, Thiru is the executive vice president of Strategy for Ather Energy, a fast-growing leader in smart electric vehicle technologies and products.

Thiru’s career has spanned over 29 years in the U.S. and Asia in the manufacturing, sourcing and technology industries. Through his various roles, he established new technology-based product businesses, green field factories and expanded operations in factories which led to thousands of new jobs along with higher standards of engineering excellence and higher profit margins for the companies.

Thiru said Ohio State exposed him to a global culture and professional network when he arrived. The help and support he received during his years at Ohio State prepared him for his diverse and challenging global leadership roles.

“It was a huge cheer for me when I got my scholarship at Ohio State,” Srinivasan said. “It helped me fulfill my dream of getting into advanced manufacturing, which otherwise would have been very difficult. My life at Ohio State truly helped me forge global connections for life. I met a lot of passionate scholars and learned values and skills that prepared me for an American life. I stayed in the U.S. for fourteen years, including two years in Singapore as an U.S. executive, before repatriating to India in an Asia leadership role for a U.S. corporation.”

While he was a student, Thiru got married and said his wife received invaluable support from the International Wives Club, an Ohio State organization that welcomed and supported international women as they navigated life in the U.S.  

At Ohio State, Thiru was initiated in translational research, where new technologies were rapidly developed into a product, and this had a huge impact on his career.

“My thesis resulted from an inter-departmental project between mechanical and industrial engineering departments,” he said. “This is where I first experienced translational research, where our work resulted in new technologies that got quickly absorbed by the plastics industry for product advancements.  Ohio State has a rich applied research culture – be it in manufacturing, metallurgy, engineering or welding. In my time there, I connected deeply with scholars from various departments and relished the passion with which they worked. They were on top of the latest happenings in their industry. Those discussions and talks added a different dimension to my overall knowledge and career trajectory.”

Currently Thiru actively works with innovative product companies, suppliers and technology partners, industry associations and governments on strategy for the electric mobility industry. Thiru and his wife live in Bengaluru and frequently visit the U.S. for work and meeting his children in California. He enjoys mentoring technology start-ups, young engineers and students.