Brazil Gateway


The Brazil Gateway works with a diverse array of partners - academic, corporate, governmental and NGOs - connecting Ohio State faculty, staff and students to these organizations. To explore collaborative opportunities, please contact Jane Aparecido and include your name, title, organization, topic of interest and any ideas.

Academic partnerships

Academic partnerships are the foundation of Ohio State’s relationship with Brazil. Possibilities include joint research initiatives and funding mechanisms, researcher and student exchanges and dual-degree programs. Visit International Partnerships for more information.

The Brazil Gateway also partners with colleges and offices around Ohio State to help students learn more about Brazil and connect students to new opportunities.

Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships, with companies ranging from multinationals to startups, are key to Ohio State’s engagement with Brazil. Example engagements include industry-sponsored research, customized training program development, internships and executive education.

Governmental/non-governmental partnerships

The Brazil Gateway also works with local, state and national governmental agencies and NGOs. Learn how the Brazil Gateway connected an Ohio State student with an internship in Brazil through its partnership with Meli Bees.

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