Claudio Antonio Klaus Jr.

The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Foundations of U.S. Law and Practice program is designed to provide individuals who have studied, or are currently studying, law outside of the United States with a broad exposure to major concepts in U.S. law and American legal training. Claudio Antonio Klaus Jr. received a scholarship to complete the virtual four-module program in 2020, thanks to a collaboration between Moritz and the Brazil Gateway.

In 2020, I decided I would go abroad for an LL.M as soon as I graduated from law school in Brazil. I knew that this goal would also demand a great deal of planning, desire and interest. I was also aware that improving my English, doing well in law school and participating in extracurricular opportunities would be an important step. With that in mind, I decided to make sure my LinkedIn would be a place for that kind of opportunity, I made sure to follow strategic players in the international scenario and not too much later interesting possibilities started to present themselves.

One of them, in October 2020 was the Brazil Scholarship for The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Foundation of U.S. Law and Practice program. I had to write a motivation letter and also send my CV to be considered for the scholarship. I made sure to be very sincere and tell my story. I also wanted to be sure to share who I am, what I did in the past and my goals for the future. By November 1, I had those documents ready, and I submitted them for evaluation. On November 24, I received the happy news that I was awarded the scholarship and welcomed into the Buckeye family.

The course has been a fantastic opportunity for me. I have been enjoying the module of Foundations of International Business Law, especially on International Business Transactions. The professors who prepared the program and recorded the lectures are clearly professionals who understand and have deeply experienced the practice of law in those areas. I recommend to all those seeking an introduction to U.S. Law and Practice to sign up for the foundations course!”

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