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Iuri Amazonas

Iuri Amazonas was a visiting scholar at Ohio State from 2018-2019.

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Claudio Antonio Klaus Jr.

Claudio Antonio Klaus Jr. received a scholarship to complete the Foundations of U.S. Law and Practice program.

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Shanvanth Arnipalli

Shanvanth Arnipalli completed a virtual internship with Tropik Cosmetics based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Julia Belotto Guaraná

Julia Belotto Guaraná is a student at the University of São Paulo who will work in the College of Medicine.

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Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos, Federal University of Vales do Jequitinhonha and Mucuri, will participate in The Ohio Program.

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Bruno Cunha

Bruno Cunha, an attorney and professor, is a visiting scholar at the Ohio State Moritz College of Law.

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Kelly Franz

Kelly Franz is an undergraduate student at the Fisher College of Business. She traveled with the Fisher Honors Cohort.

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Yessica Jimenez

Yessica Jimenez spent the summer doing nuclear engineering research in Brazil.

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Sophia Lenhart

Sophia Lenhart is an undergraduate student in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

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Melissa Liang

Melissa Liang is a senior majoring in operations management who studied abroad in Brazil in 2019.

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Vivian Martins

Vivian Martins was a visiting scholar from the State University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

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Dillon McBride

I was fortunate enough to attend the first CADDE genomic epidemiology workshop hosted in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Kyle McKinney

He participated in the Higher Education in Brazil study abroad program that was in Salvador, Brazil.

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Nilceu Nazareno

Nilceu Nazareno, PhD, is an Ohio State alum who received his doctorate in plant pathology in 1992.

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Natália Nunes

She was visiting scholar at the Moritz College of Law’s Drug Enforcement and Policy Center for a semester.

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Valdeoso Patterson

Valdeoso Patterson participated in the Higher Education in Brazil study abroad program in Brazil.

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Kaue Riffel

Kaue Riffel was a visiting scholar in the College of Engineering in 2021.

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Rebecca Spector

Rebecca Spector junior at Ohio State performed research in Brazil for her major in n English education.

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Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson participated in the Higher Education in Brazil in Salvador, Brazil.

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Matthew Tippit

Matthew participated in the Higher Education in Brazil study abroad program that was in Salvador, Brazil last March.

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Rubens Valtecides Alves

Rubens Valtecides Alves came to Ohio State to study English and complete his master's dissertation in law.

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Jaret Waters

Jaret Waters is an undergraduate student at Fisher College of Business finishing his last year.

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Vinicius Zanardo Rodrigues

Vinicius Zanardo Rodrigues is an energy engineer and will be a PhD student studying nuclear engineering.

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