Global Education

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Expectations of a Resident Director

The role of a global education resident director extends beyond the traditional classroom and/or academic advising setting. Global education, by definition, is a 24/7 involvement for participants and resident directors alike. The resident director will handle non-classroom issues and situations which differ significantly from the demands and challenges of the classroom environment. 

In the position of resident director, daily interactions and close living quarters will acquaint you with student life and culture outside the classroom.

In this leadership role, it is critical for the resident director to understand and accept that they are a role model. Their behavior, actions and words will always be on display. They will want to maintain professional and neutral relationships with all students in their group and avoid displays of preferential treatment and/or favoritism. Such displays, at best, will be resented by students and, at worst, misunderstood and considered objectionable. 

Above all, the resident director will often have to put the needs of the students above your own and view this experience as a team effort, not an individual one. The students’ and university’s best interest will be prioritized at all times. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:




I understand that if any of these requirements and expectations are not met, the program may be cancelled.