Global Education

Recruiting and Application Process

Marketing Your Program

The official program brochure is developed by the education abroad specialist and resident director. The brochure contains all of the basic program details such as dates, cost, credit and application deadline and is posted on OIA’s website. As details change, the program information will be updated, so please be certain you use the most recent information when discussing the program or promoting the program on your department’s website.

Your involvement in the recruitment process is critical to the program’s success. You and your education abroad specialist will organize program information sessions to promote the program. The purpose of these sessions is to give students an opportunity to meet you, learn about the course objectives, program itinerary and ask questions. We encourage you to visit specific classes and/or clubs that may have prospective students for your program. Please let your education abroad specialist know in advance if you would like assistance. It may be helpful to invite past participants of your program and/or class.

When recruiting for the program, remind students studying abroad, by definition, is an academic experience. While studying abroad is of course fun and enjoyable, programs are designed to be academically challenging and enriching. If this point is made clear in the recruitment phase, you are less likely to have applicants who are looking for a vacation. Using the word “program,” rather than “trip,” is a small but important way you can set the proper tone when describing the experience.

Student Application Process

Students are required to apply for education abroad programs electronically through Some programs require interviews. In addition to completing the application, students are required to:

Students who do not submit complete applications by the deadline are ineligible to participate. After the deadline, the education abroad specialist will share the applications with you for electronic review and set up interviews (if necessary). Please note students who are experiencing difficulty with their academics and/or with certain disciplinary and/or criminal histories may not be eligible to participate in Ohio State-managed programs. Please see the Application and Policies for eligibility information and conditions for participation. In addition to the general eligibility requirements, specific prerequisites may be appropriate for individual programs. Resident directors should work with the program specialist to evaluate applications according to those prerequisites and criteria. Once admission decisions have been made, the education abroad specialist will send email notifications to the students.

Student Withdrawal and Refund Process

If a student decides to withdraw from the program or if the student does not meet the conditions for participation in an Ohio State education abroad program after acceptance to that program, the student needs to understand the decision will have financial consequences. Please review the Cancellation Policy.

Refund of Tuition

A refund of tuition will be handled by the Office of the University Bursar according to its refund schedule as indicated in the master schedule.

Student Financial Aid

If a student withdraws from an education abroad program at any time prior to departure or after the program commences, the student should inform the Student Service Center of their withdrawal so the student’s financial aid can be re-adjusted, if necessary, and will continue uninterrupted.

Academic Consequences

If a student withdraws from an education abroad program after the program commences, they need to understand their decision may have academic consequences. They may receive a “W” on their Ohio State academic record depending on the date of the withdrawal. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor to help ensure minimal interruption of their academic progress.

Student Academic Accommodations and Disabilities

After admission to a program, students can disclose any disabilities and/or request accommodation.