Global Education

Program Fees and Deadlines

In collaboration with the Office of International Affairs, Ohio State's 15 colleges are actively involved in setting program fees for faculty-led and Ohio State managed programs. A calendar of activities and deadlines for creating the program fee is followed in order to publish the final program fee in a timely manner. This allows students to plan accordingly. Enrollments for education abroad flow to the sponsoring college instead of to the Office of International Affairs. In the shared responsibility model, the colleges and OIA will work together to promote education abroad access and affordability. 

The Office of International Affairs selects host institutions and educational travel providers based on their ability to provide responsive, high-quality and safe program arrangements at a fair price. When the unexpected occurs, these entities can provide the Office of International Affairs with support, information and solutions. 

It is important to be aware that the Office of International Affairs does not work directly with hotels, airlines, bus companies, guides, museums, theatres, etc. Travel services are secured only through Ohio State’s designated travel providers. 

During the program planning process, resident directors work with a wide variety of Office of International Affairs staff members.

Setting program fees 

Program arrangements

Itinerary and travel arrangements

Budgetary information and viability of program

If sufficient budget information has not been provided by the host institution, vendor or resident director by the program budget deadline, program viability will be assessed by the Office of International Affairs after consultation with the college education abroad liaison and academic unit and may result in cancellation. 

If the number of viable applicants falls below the predetermined minimum after the program application deadline, in consultation with the college senior fiscal officer: 

Revenues and expenses reconciliation

The Office of International Affairs bears responsibility for reconciling the program revenues and expenses after its completion. Surpluses and/or deficits will be transferred to the academic unit in consultation with the college education abroad liaison and senior fiscal officer.

Program deadlines

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Jurden.