Global Education


Study around the world

Every student – no matter their major – can study abroad for academic credit. Students have the opportunity to study abroad with other Ohio State students accompanied by their professors, take classes through a foreign university or an exchange program, complete an independent study or service learning project, conduct research or participate in an internship program. Of the more than 200 programs in 70 different countries, there’s one that’s right for every student.

An international experience is an increasingly important element of a student’s academic career. Confronted with a world that is strikingly different from what it was just a decade ago, it is essential that higher education institutions graduate globally competent students — students possessing a combination of critical thinking skills, technical expertise and global awareness. In today’s changing economic marketplace, learning another language, studying abroad and learning about other cultures help graduates actively participate and make a difference in an increasingly global society.

The Office of International Affairs administers Ohio State’s study abroad programs, which allow students to engage in cross-cultural interactions and enjoy a rewarding educational experience in countries all around the world — all at the same time.

Why should students study abroad?

No matter what part of the world they choose to study in, students will benefit both personally and professionally from this once in a lifetime experience.

Earn academic credit

Prepare for the future

Develop global competencies

Student health and safety

The health, safety and security of students are of utmost importance. Education abroad can be challenging, but the Office of International Affairs provides pre-departure orientation and introduces students to others in their program as well as those who have studied abroad before. Students are encouraged to act responsibly in their daily choices and behaviors in order to minimize risks while abroad. In many cases, a staff or faculty member from Ohio State will go along on programs as a liaison to enhance academic aspects, assist students and respond to unexpected emergency situations. Information is also provided about international travel conditions and how to register with a U.S. embassy abroad.

Can students still graduate on time?

Ohio State grants graded academic credit for study abroad programs, so students can continue to make regular academic progress. Academic advisors can advise students about the credit earned on education abroad programs and how those credits can fulfill graduation requirements.

Funding and scholarships

Education abroad is an investment in students and their future. Costs vary from program to program, and the Office of International Affairs strives to develop programs that are as affordable as possible. All Ohio State students may apply for grants and scholarships and can apply most of their financial aid towards program costs.

What subjects can students study?

Students don’t need to major in a foreign language or international studies to study abroad. Students can study a wide variety of subjects to satisfy major, minor or general education requirements. While some programs require a foreign language background, many allow students to study in English, and others provide intensive foreign language study. Experiences and skills learned while abroad can apply to almost any area.

Choosing the right program

There are a variety of program types that give students options of choosing when, where and how long to study abroad. They can study with fellow Buckeyes or with students from other universities, or participate in an exchange program, independent study, service learning, research or internship program.

Programs vary in length anywhere from one week to a full academic year. Some study abroad program classes are completed on campus before departing overseas; others immerse students in a classroom setting in another country. Most study abroad programs can be arranged anytime in a student’s academic career, beginning freshman year.

Students can also take advantage of Global May programs — study abroad opportunities specifically designed for first and second year students of any major. These programs feature instruction in English, focus on the history, culture and major issues of one specific country or region and provide the earliest opportunity to study abroad.