Global Education

Academics and Evaluations

Now that you have returned to life at Ohio State, there are a few final steps to wrapping up your education abroad experience. We ask you complete a Program Survey, and it is time to make sure you have completed all the necessary requirements for getting your academic credit processed. You might also want to think about how you can incorporate your education abroad experience into your academic studies.

Program Surveys

The Office of International Affairs wants and needs to hear about your experience abroad to learn how we can better prepare future participants. You will be prompted to complete an anonymous, online evaluation through your education abroad profile after your program concludes.

Please give the evaluation careful consideration. We want to hear your suggestions, ideas, criticisms, and what to do/not do next year. The evaluation form is a valuable tool that we will use to improve our study abroad programs, so your input is essential. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in completing the evaluation form.

Processing Your Academic Credit: Third Party Provider, Direct Enroll and International Exchange Programs

Once you have received approval for all of your education abroad courses, please return the Evaluation of Credit Form to the appropriate college liaison. See OIA Evaluation of Credit form for a list of college liaisons. You can submit a hard copy of your form to the college liaison, or your transfer credit coordinator may submit the form electronically.

Please be aware that your graded Ohio State credit will not be posted until the appropriate college liaison receives a signed credit evaluation for all the courses completed abroad. Make sure a transcript is sent to the study abroad coordinator responsible for your study abroad program. Students who participated in Ohio State sponsored programs automatically have their credit evaluation and transcripts approved.

Processing Your Academic Credit: Faculty-led Programs

In most cases, your resident director will post your grade(s) after you have completed all requirements for the program.

Your Academic Career

Now that you have discovered the benefits of international education, you may want to consider adding another major or minor based on what you learned while overseas—perhaps in international studies, a foreign language or in a new subject of interest. If you participated in a program that was taught in English, you might want to consider taking introductory courses in the language of the host country to which you traveled.

Some colleges also have the Global Option. You can integrate internationally focused courses into your curriculum and be recognized for it on your transcript.