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Academic Advisors

Ohio State depends on faculty and staff to assist students every step of the way during their education abroad journey.  Academic advisors can play a key role in encouraging students to consider incorporating an education abroad experience into their schedules.

Education abroad is open to students of all majors from all campuses and all backgrounds. Studying abroad allows students to earn academic credit, experience hands-on learning, develop global competencies, gain effective communication skills, and prepare for their futures.

The Office of International Affairs offers over 200 programs including faculty-led, third-party provider, direct enroll, exchange and global online experiences. These programs have been through an extensive proposal process and are approved at the college level. These programs allow students to:

If you have a question about specific programs, the designated contact can be found on the program brochures. If you want to request a presentation or if you or your students have general questions, contact

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Advisor FAQs:

Students participating on Ohio State programs are enrolled at Ohio State for the duration of their education abroad program. Those on faculty-led programs enroll in the Ohio State course(s) they will complete on their program. Students participating in third-party provider, direct enroll or exchange programs enroll in an Ohio State placeholder course for the term they are abroad. All students receive instructions about when and how to enroll from OIA.


Yes. Students who choose to participate on programs not approved by Ohio State:

  • will not be enrolled at Ohio State for the term they are abroad
  • are only eligible for transfer credit
  • may be able to apply for some federal financial aid, with a consortium agreement, but will not be able to use Ohio State scholarships and grants

Independent Education Abroad

Yes. Students who participate on Ohio State education abroad programs receive graded Ohio State credit for the courses they complete abroad. Students participating on faculty-led programs will take pre-established Ohio State courses abroad. The specific course information can be found under the academics tab on the specific program brochure.

In many cases students participating in third-party provider, direct enroll and exchange programs will need to complete the credit evaluation process in order to receive Ohio State credits and grades for the coursework they complete abroad. Some third-party provider and direct enroll programs offer pre-approved course work from which students may select without completing the credit evaluation process.

Academic Credit and Advising

To have coursework from abroad awarded as an Ohio State course equivalent, students should work with the transfer credit coordinator for the academic department from which they would like to receive credit. Depending on the courses they would like to take, they will often need to meet with coordinators from several different departments and from departments outside of their major/minor.

Students gather course descriptions and syllabi for the courses they hope to take abroad and then share this information with the appropriate transfer credit coordinator for evaluation. After reviewing the information, the transfer credit coordinator will complete the education abroad evaluation of credit form indicating what Ohio State equivalent credit the student can receive for their course and share it with the appropriate staff.

Students are encouraged to complete this process prior to beginning their education abroad program and to submit more courses for evaluation than they plan to take. This will provide them with back-up course options if they need to make adjustments to their schedule after arrival in-country.

Students who fail to complete the credit evaluation process within one semester of the transcript being received will have a hold placed on their account and a grade of E will be recorded for their education abroad placeholder course.

Credit Evaluation

Academic advisors play an important role in helping guide students during this process. Advisors can help students understand which credits they still need to complete and what they could potentially complete abroad.

This will depend in part on the student’s specific major and minor. Students are encouraged to look for programs that offer coursework that could be submitted for approval towards their major, minor, electives or general education requirements.

In most cases, yes. Generally, federal and state financial aid and university scholarships can be applied towards the cost of an Ohio State education abroad program, but there are some exceptions and caveats. As each student’s financial aid package and situation is specific to them, it is important to encourage them to be in touch with BuckeyeLink to confirm what portion of their aid is eligible to be used towards the cost of their education abroad program.

Funding Education Abroad

Students can find the cost information for any particular program under the finances tab of the program brochure. Students participating on faculty-led programs will be billed for any applicable costs through the Ohio State bursar and should follow the same procedures regarding fee payment as they would during any other term at Ohio State. Students participating on third-party provider and direct enroll programs will pay the majority of their fees to the provider or host institution according to their billing schedule. Exchange program participants will continue to pay their tuition to Ohio State.

Funding and Payment

Ohio State is committed to maximize safety for students who participate in Ohio State education abroad programs. We encourage participants to take the necessary steps to enhance their safety and security abroad by carefully reviewing all the information contained in the Health and Safety section, completing the online orientation and attending all additional orientation meetings for their travel.

Health and Safety
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