Bombings in Surabaya, Indonesia

May 13, 2018 - Ohio State is aware of the coordinated bombing attacks of three churches in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. Ohio State currently has two education abroad programs in Indonesia. The programs are not located in the vicinity of Surabaya and the city is not part of either program's itinerary.

The Indonesia: First Education Abroad Experience Program is currently based in Jakarta, 500 miles away from Surabaya. Ohio State has communicated with the faculty director of the program who has confirmed all students are engaged in weekend excursion activities in the vicinity of Jakarta. The Fisher GAP MBA program is located in West Kalimantan, which is 400 miles away on the island of Borneo. Ohio State has initiatied contact with travelers on this program.

Ohio State will continue to monitor the events in Indonesia through the advice of the Department of State, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, BNPT Indonesia and the university's security providers.