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Taste of OSU 2019 Participant Information

Taste of OSU 2019 will take place on Friday, February 15 from 5 - 9 p.m. in the Ohio Union. Students participating in Taste of OSU should read through the following information carefully. As an Ohio State Signature Event, Taste of OSU is partly supported through the Student Activity Fee. The Student Chair of the event is Kidest Beyene. If you have any questions regarding Taste of OSU, please contact her at tasteofosu2019@gmail.com.

The Taste of OSU Organizational Committee has written a guide to help you navigate your way through Taste of OSU. Inside the guide, you'll find information about timelines, selection criteria and food, cultural exhibit and performance guidelines, as well as expectations for the day of the event, prizes and an overview of the budget.

Taste of OSU has two primary purposes:

  1. To allow the campus community to experience other cultures through the tasting of ethnic foods from around the world.
  2. To provide students from different backgrounds a space to share and celebrate their culture and traditions through food, educational displays and performances.

Eligibility criteria for participation:

  1. Must be a registered and active organization with the Student Activities Office by February 19, 2017.
  2. Must have elements of the purpose of Taste of OSU stated in the organization's mission and reflected in the organization's activities.
  3. Organizations representing various regions of the world are strongly encouraged to participate.
  4. Must thoroughly read and follow the student guidelines.
  5. Must correctly submit recipe cards.


Food and Cultural Booth

Student organizations who would like to participate in a food and cultural booth must submit an application by November 2 at midnight to be eligible.

If your student organization participate in Taste of OSU 2018, you will need to complete the Food and Cultural Booth Application for Past Participants. Visit go.osu.edu/2018Recipes to view the saved recipes that will be used at Taste of OSU 2019

Cultural Performance

Student organizations who would like to present a cultural performance must submit an application by November 2 at midnight to be eligible.

Deadlines and Dates

Taste of OSU Participation Meeting: TBD, Instructional Kitchen. Each student organization who will have a food presentation at Taste of OSU is required to send two representatives to the meeting.

Completed Recipe Cards: Please have all measurements in standard units. Please note that this year's recipes will be saved and filed under your student organization to be used for the next four years. If your student organization re-applies to participate in Taste of OSU in the next four years, we will use the same recipes to help reduce food waste and streamline food preparation.

Menu Review: You will be required to meet with OIA staff and the chefs to go over your recipes to ensure a succesful event menu.

Food Safety Training: Training times and registration TBD. All training sessions will take place in the Instructional Kitchen at the Ohio Union.

Music submission: Submit your music files by Friday, February 1 by 5 p.m., to rosa.69@osu.edu.