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Taste of OSU 2017 Recipe Submission

Each student organization can submit two recipes. If rice is served, it counts as your second dish. Recipes must be submitted using our Taste of OSU Recipe Card, and all measurements must be converted into U.S. metrics. Remember, each dish should make approximately 80 servings. You can convert a smaller recipe using a recipe calculator.

Due to cost constraints, there are some items we cannot allow for Taste of OSU. The list below is a general guideline, but all recipes are subject to review by our Taste of OSU Chefs, and substitutions will be made, if necessary.

Recipes Cannot Contain:

1. Shellfish, including shrimp
2. Beef
3. Dates
4. Most types of nuts
5. Pre-Cooked Food, all food must be completely prepared by the student organization in an Ohio State kitchen
6. No beverages allowed

Completed Recipe Cards: Please have all measurements in standard units.

Use submission form below to submit your recipe in the correct format.