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2018 Cultural Performances

Cultural performances by Ohio State student organizations at Taste of OSU on February 16, 2018. View all videos on Taste of OSU 2018 YouTube playlist.

The Dance Coalition at The Ohio State University performed at Taste of OSU 2018. The student organization gives students a place to make friends, learn diverse dances and have fun. They believe that absolutely everyone can dance and because of that, there are no auditions to become a member of Dance Coalition.

The Indonesian Student Association performed a Pasambahan dance at Taste of OSU 2018. An ethnic dance of Minangkabau in West Sumatra, Indonesia, this dance is usually performed in a welcoming ceremony, which is meant as a greeting and an expression of respect for the guest of honor.

With this performance at Taste of OSU 2018, Dance of the Soul from China combines hip-pop and Chinese ethnic dance showcasing Chinese culture's openness to a diverse array of other cultural influences. The student organization promotes Chinese culture through dance.

Dancers from the Association for India's Development perform two songs chosen from "Bhanusingher Padavali" at Taste of OSU 2018. The songs were written and composed by the world renowned Indian Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. The first song typically describes the beauty of two lovers' divine union. The latter one connects with the depth of Indian philosophy by personifying 'death' as the eternal and ultimate romance in life.

Merging various Indian dance styles including Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Odissi, the Inaayat Dance Team showcases the beauty within all Indian classical styles at Taste of OSU 2018.

The Oriental Dance Troupe at Ohio State performed at Taste of OSU 2018. The troupe highlights Chinese culture on campus and strives to build better relationships between Chinese students and students from other countries.

At Taste of OSU 2018, the Bangladesh Student Association performed a pop cultural dance that would typically be performed at a traditional wedding. Friends and family members of the bride and groom come together to create this performance and welcome the newly formed bond between these two families as they merge into one.

Top Pride of Korea, an all-male dance group from that performs choreography to Korean pop music, performs at Taste of OSU 2018. TPOK danced to Energetic by WannaOne and GoGo by BTS.

The Students for Justice in Palestine and the Arab Student Union showcase a Levantine folk dance known as Dabke. Popular in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan, this line dance is performed traditionally at Arab weddings, ceremonies and celebrations, and is of particular importance for the Palestinian people, which, in the absence of true sovereignty and freedom, use folk culture to reaffirm their identity.

At Taste of OSU 2018, the Zuvaa Afro Caribbean Dancers performed a 21st century derivative of a practice their African ancestors used to celebrate life.

The Japanese Student Organization at Ohio State performed Soran Bushi at Taste of OSU 2018. The dance traces its origin back to the fishermen of Hokkaido, the northernmost main island of Japan. In the northern seas, the fishermen constantly faced the rough waves of the winter. To overcome these conditions, the fishermen sang the Soran Bushi to heighten their spirits and keep themselves awake during the cold nights. Today, Soran Bushi is performed by students across Japan with various arrangements made over the years. Soran Bushi is now known as a powerful dance with dynamic choreography and modernized rhythm.

At Taste of OSU 2018, the Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Organization performs dances of six tribes hailing from the East African countries, Eritrea and Ethiopia. Some dances are shoulder-based, while others rely on lower body movements. Each tribe has its own culture, music and traditions, and they will celebrate the diversity and beauty that each tribe holds.

The Somali Students' Association performance at Taste of OSU 2018 featured various traditional Somali dances, including dhaanto, goobile and buraanbur.

The Indian Students Association Taste of OSU 2018 performance highlights a couple of festivals: Gaṇesh Chaturthi (celebration of birth of Lord Ganesha) and Holi (festival of colors).

With a goal to bridge different cultures through a common love of music and dance, J2K - a student dance organization that performs to Korean, Chinese and Japanese pop music - danced at Taste of OSU 2018.

Two Ohio State Irish Dance Team performances from Taste of OSU 2018. The first was a traditional 8-hand ceili called the Cross Reel - a team dance performed in soft-shoe. The second performance was a treble reel showcasing quick feet and a mix of traditional dancing. 

At Taste of OSU 2018, the Malaysian Students Association performs a combination of three traditional dances in Malaysia that include Silat Tari, which is also known as Malay martial art, Kuda Kepang and Dikir Tari, a modernized version of Dikir Barat. All of these three dances reflect Malaysia's diverse society and rich cultural history that makes Malaysia a great example of peaceful coexistence regardless of race and creed.

The Latino Student Association performs five dances with a modern twist: Merengue, Bachata, Punta, Cumbia and Salsa at Taste of OSU 2018. These dances originated throughout Latin America and quickly spread to neighboring countries.

All-girls dancing group, Echo Studio D.I.V.A. performs at Taste of OSU 2018.

Ohio State's oldest co-ed, and only Jewish, a cappella group MeshugaNotes​ sings at Taste of OSU 2018.

Maria Carroll from the AIM Dance Company performs traditional belly dance that incorporates many styles of dance from the Middle East at TasteofOSU 2018.

The Chinese Folk Music Orchestra at OSU performed three instrumental ensemble pieces at Taste of OSU 2018. After opening with a traditional song "Golden Snake Crazy Dance," the orchestra followed with a Taiwanese popular piece "Craving for the Spring Wind" and closed with "Elixir of Love."