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2017 Cultural Performances

Cultural performances by Ohio State student organizations at Taste of OSU on February 16, 2017. View all videos on Taste of OSU 2017 YouTube playlist.

Somali Students' Association at The Ohio State University performed a set of culturally significant dances: Dhaanto, Goobiley, Saylici and Buraanbur. These dances hail from different regions historically inhabited by the Somali people and are an integral part of Somali culture.

Khmer Student Association at Ohio State performs Kun Khmer, a Cambodian martial art, at Taste of OSU 2017. The second part of the performance is youth and young adults from Health Asian Youth breakdancing to demonstrate how Kun Khmer has evolved throughout the years.

For over 20 years, Folclor Hispano has been celebrating Hispanic culture and art though dances of the world’s Spanish speaking countries. At Taste of OSU 2017 they perfomed Norté inspired dances from Northern Mexico. El Mezquiton, from the state of Nuevo León, is a dance where the pair takes turns trying to outperform each other, and Santa Rita from the State of Chihuahua, a more traditional Mexican Polka.

The Zuvaa Dancers Taste of OSU 2017 cultural performance features Banku, Afro-house, Afrobeat, and Soca styles of music that aim to highlight the beauty and diversity of African dance styles while also incorporating elements from popular dance culture. 

The Oriental Dance Troupe at Ohio State performed a traditional Chinese dance at Taste of OSU 2017. The dance is typically performed at the royal palace for the emperor.

The Urdu Club cultural performance at Taste of OSU 2017 featured Buckeyes dancing to songs popular on the Asian subcontinent in recent years.

J2K dance performances at Taste of OSU 2017.

At Taste of OSU 2017, the Bangladesh Student Association at The Ohio State University presents a pop culture dance that is typically performed at weddings. Friends and family members of the bride and groom come together to create this performance and welcome the newly formed bond between families.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean Student Organization performs multiple dances from both of countries at Taste of OSU 2017. All the dances incorporate rhythmic neck shoulder and chest motions originally found in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The Malaysian Student Association performed a mix of dance and poetry at Taste of OSU 2017. The dance portrayed the combination of several ethnicities, such as Javanese, Indian and Malay's martial art. Martial arts and poetry were the medium for Malaysian people to socialize before 20th century.

Buckeyes Samantha and Angela represent the Thai Student Organization by performing the dance of the Phaya Nahk at Taste of OSU 2017.

The Students for Justice in Palestine and the Arab Student Union team up to perform at Dabke at Taste of OSU 2017. Performed at traditional Arab weddings and ceremonies, the Levantine folk dance is popular in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

The Salsa Club performed a Cuban style of salsa dancing called Rueda at Taste of OSU 2017. Salsa dancing is danced socially around the world and it is an expression of Latin American culture.

Odissi at Ohio State performed "Megha" at Taste of OSU 2017. The dance interpretation combined dance moves and textual verse.

The Indonesian Student Association performed the Saman dance, a traditional dance from Aceh region in Indonesia, at Taste of OSU 2017. The dancers must move at the same time, creating a homogeneous, continuous, line of movement that is often described as the defining feature of Saman dance.

The Pilipino Student Association performed Tinikling at Taste of OSU 2017. A cultural dance of the Philippines that mimics the movement of Cranes dodging bamboo traps in the water, the performers exemplify the Filipino fighting spirit by presenting a high-energy performance.

The Japanese Student Organization at The Ohio State University performed the dance Soran Bushi at Taste of OSU 2017. The cultural performance features a powerful dance with dynamic choreography and modernized rhythm that traces its origin back to the fishermen of Hokkaido, the northernmost main island of Japan.

The Pakistani American Students Association (PASA) presented a fusion performance that consists of three different styles of Pakistani dance (bhangra, contemporary, and classical). Dance and entertainment are a vital part of celebration and enjoyment for Pakistani people.

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The Tea Friends present the "Soul of Tea" ceremony accompanied by traditional Chinese dancer and a Guzheng instrumentalist at Taste of OSU 2017.

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The Ohio State Irish Dance Team cultural performance at Taste of OSU 2017.

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Watch the Italian Club at OSU cultural performance during Taste of OSU 2017.

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Representing the Armenian Students Association, Kayane Dingilian performs "Us and Our Mountains" at Taste of OSU 2017. The song was originally performed by sister-duo Inga and Anush Arshakyan and speaks to how mountains have helped shape the life, culture and history of the Armenian culture for thousands of years.

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