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2019 International Scholar Research Exposition Summaries

The Fourteenth Annual International Scholar Research Exposition will be on display on the first and second floor of Bricker Hall, near the Office of the Vice President of Research. Current international J-1 visiting scholars to The Ohio State University were invited to submit research summaries and from those, 34 finalists were asked to create research posters for display. The posters will be on display in Bricker Hall during November and December 2019.

Steven Andersen, Otolaryngology (Denmark)
Patient-specific virtual reality simulation in temporal bone surgery
Faculty mentor: Greg J. Wiet

Alvaro Avila, Geography (Colombia)
How well does the Arctic System Reanalysis (ASR) reproduce the climatic extremes over North-American-Arctic Region?
Faculty mentor: David Howard Bromwich

Subhash Bose, Astronomy (India)
Exploring the extreme and unusual massive star explosions
Faculty mentor: John Beacom

Bela Csukas and Monika Varga, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Hungary)
Modeling agro-environmental systems by Programmable Process Structures for sustainable engineering
Faculty mentor: Bhavik R. Bakshi

Xiangping Cui, Teaching and Learning (China)
The creation and cultivation strategy of transnational intercollegiate collaborative learning community in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative
Faculty mentor: Lin Ding

Claudia Lucia De Pascalis, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Italy)
Design and control of advanced aeronautical propulsion systems through evolutionary optimization algorithms
Faculty mentors: Marcello Canova and Matilde D'Arpino

Farah Deeba, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry (Pakistan)
Statistical approach for production of bacterial chitinases and its control against pathogenic fungi
Faculty mentor: David W. Wood

Umida Djakbarova, Physics (Kyrgyzstan)
Spatiotemporal regulation of adhesion remodeling during metastatic cells migration
aculty mentor: Comert Kural

Xiaodan Gao, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (China)
Aggregation of humic acid-montmorillonite in Mg2+, Ca2+ and Cu2+ electrolytes: Effects of humic acid content and ionic concentration
Faculty mentor: Rattan Lal

Yu Gao, Geography (China) 
Dynamic effect of ice sheet topography on east Asian summer monsoon during the last deglaciation
Faculty mentor: Bryan Mark

Carley Goodwin, Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (Australia)
Development of a multiscale correlative work flow to study dentin tubules in human teeth
Faculty mentor: David W. McComb

Aiyan Hu, Pathology (China)
Intra-tumoral delivery of IL-27 using adeno-associated virus stimulates anti-tumor immunity
Faculty mentor: Xue-Feng Bai

Aishwarya Kakade, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (India)
Physical modeling and validation of an evaporative carbon canister in gasoline fueled automobiles
Faculty mentor: Giorgio Rizzoni

Yalda Khosravi, Microbial Infection and Immunity (Iran)
Development of an artificial mouth system for assessing oral plaque biofilm management strategies
Faculty mentor: Paul Stoodley

Sujeet Kumar, Microbiology (India)
MurJ, the bacterial lipid II flippase: A novel antibacterial target
Faculty mentor: Natividad Ruiz

Bo Li, Horticulture and Crop Science (China)
Whole genome triplication-derived ribosomal protein gene paralogs reduce ribosome heterogeneity by purifying selection and dominant expression
Faculty mentor: Andrea Gschwend

Ulrika Lindmark, Dental Hygiene (Sweden)
Oral health-related quality of life is linked to wellbeing and loneliness in an adult Swedish population
Faculty mentor: Rachel Kearney

Qiongqiong Liu, Center for Automotive Research (China)
Industrial analysis of commercial vehicles in China and U.S. markets
Faculty mentor: Giorgio Rizzoni

Antonino Malacrino, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology (Italy)
The impact of soil microbiome on plants and their herbivores
Faculty mentor: Alison Bennett

Alice Marciniak, Food Science (France)
Isolation of milk vesicles from processed dairy sources and wastes, characterization and study of potential bioactivities
Faculty mentor: Rafael Jimenez Flores

Manjunath Manubolu, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology (India)
Development and assessment of methods for quantifying microcystins in fish tissues
Faculty mentor: Stuart A. Ludsin 

Dina Moustafa, Biomedical Informatics (Egypt)
Overcoming breast cancer cells resistance to novel therapeutic drugs
Faculty mentor: Jeffrey D. Parvin

Nalan Nogay, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Turkey)
The effect of the low FODMAP diet on gastrointestinal and behavioral problems in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Faculty mentor: Marcia Nahikian-Nelms

Christian Oberdorfer, Materials Science and Engineering (Germany)
Atomistic simulation of field evaporation in Atom Probe Tomography
Faculty mentor: Wolfgang Windl

Nathalia Oliveira, Entomology (Brazil)
Host plants but not host races module the gut microbiota of Spodoptera frugiperda
Faculty mentor: Andy Michael

Fengkui Qian, School of Environment and Natural Resources (China)
Implementing Land Evaluation and Site Assessment system in the basic farmland protection of Lingyuan County, Liaoning Province, Northeast China 
Faculty mentor: Rattan Lal

Rachael Rayner, Veterinary Biosciences (Australia)
Ex vivo 3D culture lung model from expanded primary cystic fibrosis human airway cells
Faculty mentor: Estelle Cormet-Boyaka

Pratibha Sharma, Neuro-Oncology (India)
Targeting energy metabolism in gliomas by inhibition of Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT), the rate limiting enzyme of NAD salvage pathway
Faculty mentor: Vinay Puduvalli

Juri Smirnov, Physics (Germany)
Dark-Matter bound states
Faculty mentor: John Beacom

Wenjie Tao, Chemistry and Biochemistry (China)
Synthetic dicopper model for anaerobic denitrifying methane oxidation
Faculty mentor: Shiyu Zhang

Daniela Tufano, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Italy)
Estimation of fuel economy on real-world routes for Next-Generation Connected and Automated Hybrid Powertrains
Faculty mentor: Marcello Canova

Jianyu Yu, Pathology (China)
The role of CD200R signaling in small intestinal γδ+ intraepithelial lymphocytes
Faculty mentor: Xue-Feng Bai

Mingjie Zhao, Center for Automotive Research (China)
Blending gear shift strategy design and comparison study for a battery electric city bus with Automated Manual Transmission
Faculty mentor: Giorgio Rizzoni

Lin Zou, Law School (China)
The legal system of the People's Republic of China
Faculty mentor: Daniel C.K.Chow