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Semi-continuous fermentation of acetic acid by mutant of Acetobacter pasteurianus

Research Scholar

Xuefeng Wu, faculty member, Hefei University of Technology (China)
Shangtian Yang, faculty mentor


  • Hometown: Hefei, China
  • Degrees received: PhD in food and biotechnology engineering, Hefei University of Technology, China.

What is the issue or problem addresses in your research?

Acetic acid, as the main component of vinegar, is used as acidifying agent, flavoring agent and spice in the food industry. Although there are many methods of producing acetic acid, the biological method is the only method to produce acetic acid used in the food industry. Acetobacter pasteurianus is the main species used in vinegar fermentation. However, the yield by them is not high, and the stain is unstable.

What methodology did you use in your research?

In order to improve the yield of acetic acid, in this study, a mutant Acetobacter pasteurianus YHL3 screened by UV from Acetobacter pasteurianus CICC 20001 was selected. Mutagenic mechanism of Acetobacter pasteurianus YHL3 was analyzed by the metabolic network pathway. Its semi-continuous fermentation process was optimized.

What are the purpose/rationale and implications of your research?

The results demonstrated the feasibility of industrial production of high-concentration acetic acid in vinegar fermentation.