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Multiscale characterization of bone in estrogen deficiency

Research Scholar

Jie Liu, dentist
Fengyuan Zheng, faculty mentor


  • Hometown: Hubei, China
  • Degrees received: PhD in dentistry, Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

What is the issue or problem addresses in your research?

About 50% of the postmenopausal female population shows symptoms of osteoporosis. This type of age-related, estrogen deficiency systemic bone disease will likely become more common as human life expectancy increases. Thus, multiscale characterization of bone is needed to provide a better understanding of how the estrogen deficiency dependent alteration of bone reduces its strength and increases the risk of fracture.

What methodology did you use in your research?

Sprague-Dawley female rats were taken a bilateral ovariectomy (OVX) and a sham operation (Sham). After 2 months of post-OVX, the rat femurs were characterized from a micro- to nano-level by using micro-computed tomography (µCT), 3-point bending static and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and nanoindentation.

What are the purpose/rationale and implications of your research?

This study is to examine whether the multiscale characterization can provide more useful information to understand the effect of estrogen deficiency on bone.