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Novel methods to eradicate bacterial infections

Research Scholar

Devendra Dusane, research fellow at the University of Pune (India)
Paul Stoodley, faculty mentor


  • Hometown: Nasik, India
  • Degrees received: PhD in biotechnology, University of Pune, India.

What is the issue or problem addresses in your research?

Bacteria growing as biofilm are known to infect most of the bodily tissues and may lead to chronic infections and non-healing wounds. In the United States alone, around 16 million biofilm-based infections are diagnosed every year.

What methodology did you use in your research?

As a biofilm treatment strategy, we have developed an electroceutical wound dressings that significantly reduces biofilms of pathogenic strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus. We have shown that electroceutical wound dressings powered with mild current significantly reduces bacterial infection.

What are the purpose/rationale and implications of your research?

This study highlights a novel contribution of powered wound dressings for wound care and a great future for electroceutical based wound dressings in the treatment of wound infections.