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International Travel Consultation

The Office of International Affairs strongly recommends that all education abroad participants schedule an international travel appointment with a health care professional at least one full semester before departure. This appointment is intended to help you assess any and all health issues relevant to your study abroad experience, including vaccinations and boosters. We encourage you to take this appointment seriously and schedule your appointment at least one full semester before your departure.

As Ohio State students, you are welcome to take advantage of a travel clinic on campus at the Wilce Student Health Center. To schedule your international travel consultation, call 614-292-4321 and specify that you are making a travel assessment appointment. This appointment is provided to enrolled education abroad students for a fee. If you are not registered for classes at Ohio State at the time of your office visit, an office fee will be charged. You will be charged extra fees for immunizations. The OSU Student Health Insurance plan does not cover the travel assessment appointment, but will cover up to half of the cost of enrolled students’ immunizations for Ohio State academic programs or travel abroad (see policy).

Students who need to have a physical and/or a medical history form completed for their study abroad program should schedule an appointment for a physical exam in addition to an international travel appointment.

  • Please make sure to arrange your international travel appointment at least six weeks prior to your departure dates, if not sooner, as some vaccinations require a long lead time and/or special accommodations.
  • Please bring as complete a vaccination record as you can.
  • If you need a yellow fever vaccination, you will need to place your name on a list at the time of your travel assessment appointment. This vaccine comes in a five-dose vial, and must be dispensed to five people in a cluster of five appointments, as all doses must be dispensed within an hour of each other.
  • If you are traveling to a country that recommends or requires a rabies vaccination, you will need to make further arrangements at the time of your travel assessment appointment.
  • If you need a hepatitis A or hepatitis B vaccination, please be advised that these vaccines are part of a series and can take six months to complete.