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Autumn Semester

International student orientation

Incoming international graduate students should review the mandatory immigration check-in and orientation information carefully.

Please note that you can only enter the United States a maximum of 30 days prior to the reporting date on your Initial Form I-20 or DS-2019. We recommend that you arrive at least 2 - 3 weeks before orientation for fall semester, in order to complete necessary activities, such as settling into your residence hall or apartment, setting up a bank account, obtaining your student ID, and attending MANDATORY Check-In.

The Office of International Affairs has designed a series of emails to help prepare you for your arrival at Ohio State. You will be receiving these emails every Monday leading up to your arrival on campus. These emails are also archived below.

Also, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our website and with our International Student Handbook for important information about immigration, tuition, academics, cultural awareness and life in the United States.


Pre-Arrival Email Archive 

Below are the archived emails sent to incoming international students for Autumn Semester 2017.

Email #1
Topics: activating Ohio State account and paying accpetance fee.

Email #2
Topics: mandatory immigration check-in, orientation, ESL Placement Test, activating Ohio State account and academic culture at Ohio State.

Email #3
Topics: U.S. visa, health screening and vaccination requirement.

Email #4
Topics: mandatory immigration check-in, U.S. visa, health screening, vaccination requirement and interim health insurance.

Email #5
Topics: on-campus, off-campus and temporary housing.

Email #6
Topics: temporary housing and orientation events. 

Email #7
Topics: financial responsibility statement, accessing your statement of account and how to pay tuition and fees.

Email #8
Topics: temporary housing, entering the United States and packing information.

Email #9
Topics: airport transportation.


Immigration Check-In 

At mandatory immigration check-in, staff will be available to meet with you, review your immigration documents, discuss important immigration regulations, and answer any questions you may have. Please note that check-in only occurs during weekdays and is not possible to schedule a check-in time during weekends.

American Language Program (ALP) students should report directly to Room 60, Arps Hall for check-in.

All other students should check-in directly with OIA including exchange, transfer and returning.

Registering for Autumn 2017 mandatory immigration check-in:

Each immigration check-in time has a corresponding orientation session. Before you register, please make sure you can attend the orientation associated with your preferred Immigration check-in because appointments cannot be changed. If you have any questions, please email iss@osu.edu and include your full name, email, SEVIS ID# or Campus ID#. 

July 31, 2017
August 01, 2017
August 02, 2017
August 03, 2017
August 04, 2017
August 07, 2017
August 08, 2017
August 09, 2017
August 10, 2017
August 11, 2017
August 14, 2017
August 15, 2017
August 16, 2017 Check-in Registration

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).


Campus ID#: Use your 8-9 digits OSU ID# example: 500567890

Sevis ID #: Your Sevis ID # starts with the letter N followed by 10 numbers and could be found above the barcode on the top corner of your Form I-20 or Form DS-2019. Transfer Student's OSU SEVIS ID # will be the same as that appearing above the barcode on the top right corner of I-20 or DS-2019 from your previous institution.

I have not made travel arrangements yet
I have already made travel arrangements to come to Columbus, Ohio (please provide arrival information)


Not readable? Click here to change number


You must bring the following documents with you to immigration check-in:

  1. Admission letter to Ohio State
  2. Current Passport
  3. Current U.S. Visa
  4. I-94 card (Print a copy at cbp.gov/i94)
  5. Ohio State Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 (Note: if you have an active immigration record that is being transferred from another institution in the U.S. to Ohio State, please bring your Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 from your previous school.)
  6. Form I-20(s) or Form DS-2019(s) of your dependents (spouse and children), if applicable
  7. Student Record Form

At immigration check-in, you will also receive information regarding:

  1. How to maintain your immigration status
  2. Orientation
  3. Placement tests (if necessary)
  4. Required health screening
  5. BuckID (university identification card)
  6. Parking permit (if necessary)
  7. Resources on and off campus

Note: You will not be able to register for your classes unless you have attended immigration check-in, and immigration check-in appointments cannot be scheduled for the weekend.



When you register for an immigration check-in time, you will be automatically scheduled for the corresponding orientation, which cannot be changed. All students must attend their assigned orientation session, no exceptions. Below are the available sessions for planning purposes. Each orientation session takes place for the duration of three days, and you only have to attend one orientation session and one immigration check-in appointment. For example, if you register to check in on August 2, then you will automatically be scheduled to attend the orientation session that will take place from August 7 - 9, which you must attend. 

Mandatory Immigration Check-In Dates Corresponding Orientation Sessions

July 31 - August 4

Orientation #1: August 7 - 9

 August 7 - 8

Orientation #2: August 9 - 11

August 9 - 11

Orientation #3: August 14 - 16

August 14 - 15

Orientation #4: August 16 - 18

Ohio Union Location: to be determined