2011 International Photography Exhibition

An opening reception took place on November 17, 2011 for the photography exhibition. Photos of the reception and the winning photographers is available at Photography reception honors winning exhibition.

View slideshow of photos included in the 2011 International Photography Exhibition.

2011 International Photography Exhibition (Ohio Union)

Best of Show
Diyarbakir, Turkey
Erdem Erkilic, Graduate Student


1st Place
Innocence Forsaken
Mumbai, India
MaKenzie Frank, Undergraduate Student

2nd Place
Peruvian Girl
Ciudad de Dios, Peru
Kelly Cramer, Undergraduate Student

3rd Place
Kashgar, China
Henry Abbott, Graduate Student

Honorable Mentions
Devilish Smile
Sacred Valley, Peru
Susan Young Graduate Student

Mangyan Boy

Mindoro, Philippines
Darlene Slack, Faculty

Moto Loco
La Vega, Dominican Republic
Ellen Noe, Undergraduate Student

Trongsa Mother and Child

Nubi, Bhutan
Lopa Basu, Graduate Student

Tribal Pride
Lake Eyasi, Tanzania
Priyangi Perera, Staff

Windows to the Soul
Jericho, Nairo, Africa
Olivea Oldham, Staff

Time Flies...
Ayderm Rize, Turkey
Gulsah Bilge, Graduate Student

Joy in Namuwongo
Kampala Uganda
Angela Jiang, Graduate Student

The Joy of Miscommunication
Dakar, Senegal
Aminata Seck, Undergraduate Student

Finding 'The One'
Montmartre, Paris, France
Nadine Bakkar, Staff


1st Place

Dhobi Ghat
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, India
Pranav Mistry, Undergraduate Student

2nd Place

Jizo Statues
Mount Takao Japan
Kristina Ward, Staff

3rd Place

Lost City, Lonely Dog
Caral, Supe Valley, Barranca Province, Peru
Alex Eddy, Graduate Student

Honorable Mentions

Women Bazaar
Konya, Turkey
Gulsah Bilge, Graduate Student  

Reflections on Genbaku’ – Hiroshima Atomic Dome
Hiroshima, Japan
Lopa Basu, Graduate Student

Viewing Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Jenna Bolino, Undergraduate Student

Fushimi Inari Shrine
Kyoto, Japan
Henry Abbott, Graduate Student

Under the Rialto Bridge
Venice, Italy
Onur Kucuktunc, Graduate Student

Villages on the Border
Mardin, Turkey
Erdem Erkilic, Graduate Student

View from the Mosque, Delhi
Delhi, India
Tom Koontz, Faculty

Farewell, Glorious Yesterday
Hainan Province, China
Meichen Liu, Undergraduate Student

City Window
Delhi, India
Nicole Swartz, Undergraduate Student

Awukana, Northeastern Province, Sri Lanka
Lahiru Mampitiya, Undergraduate Student


1st Place

And You Thought Your Job Was Rough
Nairobi, Kenya
Olivea Oldham, Staff

2nd Place

So Many Options So Little Time
London, England
Claire Carlin, Staff

3rd Place

Spark of Light
Maria Elena Legua, Graduate Student

Honorable Mentions

Different but the Same
Barcelona, Spain
Sarah Beatty, Staff

Toward Mountains, Island, or Oceans?
Southland District, South Island, New Zealand
Alex Eddy, Graduate Student

Arts & Music

1st Place

Soaring Elegance
Beijing, China
Alvaro Pasquel, Undergraduate Student

2nd Place

Her Beating Eyes
Southern India
Adriana Matusiewicz, Undergraduate Student

3rd Place

The Sound of Ice
Stockholm, Sweden
Jessica Consiglio, Staff

Honorable Mentons

A Taste of the Middle East
Madrid, Spain
Carolina Alvarez, Undergraduate Student

Voice of Artist(s), Unsuppressed
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Haley Harrison, Undergraduate Student

Guardians of Buddha
Paro, Bhutan
Lopa Basu, Graduate Student

Elementary School
Moulay Idriss, Morocco
Sophia Browning, Undergraduate Student

Wat Mahathat
Bangkok, Thailand
Alyssa Taylor, Undergraduate Student

The Human Experience
Venice, Italy
Laura Meade, Undergraduate Student

For more information visit: Office of International Affairs Photography Competition and Exhibition.