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Farewell, Glorious Yesterday

2011 International Photography Exhibition
"Farewell, Glorious Yesterday"
Location: Hainan Province, China
Photographer: Meichen Liu
Home Country: China
University Affiliation: Undergraduate Student
Category: Places
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "The photograph was taken in my hometown, an island standing at the southern-most point of China. The place in the picture used to be one of the main harbors in the province. Thousands of fishing boats sought shelter here, bringing back fish, cargo and people who were returning home. In my childhood, I liked sitting at the seashore, thinking about the mystery world at the end of the boundless ocean. Today, this harbor has been obsolete for decades. When taking this picture, I told myself: 'You will never forget its glorious yesterday.'"

Farewell, Glorious Yesterday