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Time Flies...

2011 International Photography Exhibition
"Time Flies..."
Location: Ayder, Rize, Turkey
Photographer: Gulsah Bilge
Home Country: Turkey
University Affiliation: Graduate Student
Category: People
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "In Turkey, when summer arrives people who live in warmer cities prefer transferring from lowlands to highlands. The tradition is common in Turkey especially in the Blacksea Region where women get used to do most of the work related to farms, houses and livestock instead of men. I was there on a nature education program to find how architectural structures are formed with slope and prevalence of transhumance. When we met this "old woman" she started to give us information about traditions, people, and their behavior. As she said she was just "49 years old," we straightforwardly saw that Blacksea women have been overburdened with their hard daily life. She did not complain about her life at all. She was alone. She had lost her son in a traffic accident the previous year, and right after that her husband had passed away. While I was looking at the photo on the wall that was taken when she was 20, the "old woman" was giving us advice with her sweet accent: "Being in love is not a shame, don't be ashamed! Just love each other!" I looked at her, her youthful photo and the clock on the wall, and said she was a young girl, as time goes by she got old! Time flies..."

Time Flies...