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Lost City, Lonely Dog

2011 International Photography Exhibition
"Lost City, Lonely Dog"
Location: Caral, Supe Valley, Barranca Province, Peru
Photographer: Alex Eddy
Home Country: United States
University Affiliation: Graduate Student
Category: Places
Award: 3rd Place

In the photographer's words: "What is the story of a place? This photo shows two pyramids in Caral, found in the Supe Valley of Peru. Caral is said to be the oldest city in the Americas, serving as the center of the Caral civilization more than four thousand years ago. I was here with a group of scientists, who debated over the unlikely location of this place – seemly too far from the coastal fisheries, too far from other resources farther inland. I wondered about the stories surrounding this place and the people who lived here or just passed by here. I wondered about its dynamic now, and even about the story of this dog, which despite being the same color as the sand, looks so out of place."

Lost City, Lonely Dog