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The Frog - Ready, Set, Go!

2010 International Photography Exhibition
"The Frog - Ready, Set, Go!”
Location: Adana, Turkey
Photographer: Erdem Erkilic
Home Country: Turkey
University Affliation: Graduate Student
Category: Animals
Award: Honorable Mention

In the photographer's words: "A frog is a very active animal, jumping up and down all the time. The moment just before the frog is ready and set for another jump is as if the time slows down to make the action even more dramatic. The intensity of the pre-action resembles the full concentration of a sprinter right before he starts off for the race of his life. The determination in the eyes of the frog resembles the passion of the sprinter to win the race no matter what. The frog, in this sense, not only resembles a sprinter, but also ourselves as we all have been forged to resemble and even become a sprinter. Racing all the time, trying to get to the finish line first and missing all that is around us in the meantime. Ready, Set and then we Go!"

The Frog - Ready, Set, Go!